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Parla is a great app to help you learn English from the comfort of your smartphone, using the help of a super smart virtual tutor. If you’ve been looking for a tool like this, you’re in luck, as Parla is an excellent alternative.

Using Parla is really simple since you’ll receive personalized counselling and tutoring which will adapt your language learning to suit your preferences and circumstances. The app analyzes your performance and progress and designs your very own study plan. The only thing you have to do is specify your knowledge level when you begin and follow your virtual tutor’s instructions.

At the beginning, Parla focuses on the development of your vocabulary and alignment with certain grammar rules. The best part is that it collects data during all of your interactions with the platform, such as your learning speed, the percentage of mistakes and correct answer you make, how well you know and understand a certain grammar rule, etc. By collecting this information, Parla can adapt different activities according to the goals you’ve already met or those which still need a little more work.

Parla is a really easy-to-use, efficient and customizable Android app for learning English. What’s more, you’ll always have the help of your smart virtual tutor.
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